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Watch: Aldon Smith posts video “I’m back and there’s nobody who can stop me”

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The last time we saw a video from Aldon Smith was November when he was near the end of his initial minimum one-year NFL ban. He was working out, preparing in case he was reinstated. In fact, he seemed fairly confident he would be coming back.

That didn’t happen last season, but Smith is back to feeling optimistic with the recent news that he will be reinstated in March at the start of the 2017 league year.

With his optimism restored, he was back, posting an Instagram Live video. The full video is not available, as it was a live video and is not saved on his Instagram account, but Jimmy Durkin of the Mercury News was able to grab a snippet of it.

In the portion of the video we see, Smith says “...because I’m back and nobody can stop me. You already know it. Raider Nation, we got this shit.”

Smith is sort of right. There is someone that can stop him — himself.

Thus far, he has been the only one standing in his way of a return to the NFL. If not for that irresponsible video coming out last July, he would very likely have been able to play the latter portion of last season. And his reinstatement in March is not guaranteed either. It is wholly dependent upon him keeping himself out of trouble.

For that reason, every time he comes out with a video, Raiders fans can’t help but brace themselves a little bit.

The sentiment in this video is good. And it would seem by putting it on Instagram Live, he was hoping his fans would see it and then it would just disappear. But nothing disappears on the internet, so Smith needs to make absolute sure whatever he puts out there could in no way come into question and impede his reinstatement in March.

We’re all rooting for you, Aldon and hope to see you back in a Raiders uniform and on the practice field for OTA’s in April.