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Two Raiders player contracts become fully guaranteed for 2017 this week

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Reggie McKenzie isn’t one to put a lot of prorated signing bonuses which become guaranteed money throughout the life of the contract. With the cap money he has had to work with the past couple offseasons, he’s been able to give his players their guaranteed money up front.

This allows the team to cut players with minimal or not dead money left behind should they underperform.

Those contracts usually come up in the days following the Super Bowl. Last year at this time, it was Curtis Lofton, Nate Allen, and Roy Helu Jr on whom the Raiders had to make a decision. They opted to cut all three, though Allen was re-signed on a one-year deal, and Helu was injured so the team had to wait until he was healthy again before they could let him go.

This year, it’s Michael Crabtree and Marquette King whose guarantees for 2017 kick in Wednesday, February 8 according to salary cap guru, Joel Corry. Crabtree’s deal would kick in a $6.25 million guarantee for this season and King would have his $2.4 million salary guaranteed as well.

Crabtree’s 4-year deal was signed late in the 2015 season, that averages $8.5 million per season. Most of that was up front and each season his base salary goes up. Last season he surpassed 1000 yards receiving and led the team with 8 receiving touchdowns. There’s every reason to believe Wednesday will pass like any other day, with Crabtree’s deal intact.

King has likewise earned his contract, signing las offseason to a 5-year, $16.75 million deal. His salary this season is actually the least expensive of his contract. He has proved himself to be among the league’s top punters. He should feel more than comfortable Wednesday.

Last year the team had easy decisions to make when considering who to cut. This year they have an even easier time because they will simply do nothing.