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Super Bowl 52 odds: Raiders odds up in latest out of Vegas

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The Super Bowl 52 odds are out from Vegas and they show a slight rise in the Raiders line from the initial odds from in late January. According to numbers provided by Bovada, the Raiders currently sit at 16/1 odds, which is sixth in the league, tied with the Broncos, Vikings, and Seahawks.

Here are those numbers.

Patriots 5/1

Cowboys 9/1

Packers 9/1

Steelers 12/1

Falcons 14/1

Raiders 16/1

See all the odds here.

The previous odds had the Raiders at +1800 which was the 7th best odds in the league, tied with the Chiefs.

New England Patriots +500

Green Bay Packers +1000

Pittsburgh Steelers +1000

Seattle Seahawks +1100

Atlanta Falcons +1200

Dallas Cowboys +1200

Oakland Raiders +1800

See all the odds here.

A +1800 money line translates to 18/1 odds, showing the Raiders have risen to 16/1 odds in the latest numbers. It was the Seahawks whose odds fell as they were +1100 (11/1) and in the latest odds are at 16/1.

This just after a couple of the Pro Football Focus analysts picked the Raiders to win Super Bowl 52.