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NFL 2017 salary cap official: Raiders adjusted cap with rollover, cap space available

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Wednesday the NFL released their official salary cap for 2017. The figure for this season will be $167 million. Along with that, the NFLPA released the adjusted salary cap, factoring in rollover from last season.

The Raiders will roll over $8 million from 2016, putting their adjusted cap figure at $175 million.

With the new figure now set, the Raiders have some $48 million in salary cap space according to

That’s the 9th most available cap money in the NFL. A large chunk of that could go to Derek Carr on a contract extension, though the Raiders could also free up some $8.1 million with cuts of Dan Williams ($4.5M) and Austin Howard ($3.6M), giving them plenty of money to make a couple of key free agent acquisitions.

The free agent negotiating period begins next Tuesday, March 7, which is less than a week away. Players can officially sign their deals on March 9 at 1pm Pacific (4pm ET).