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Despite cap space, Raiders one of three teams without a free agent signing

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Oakland entered free agency with the ninth-most cap space, but are the only team in top-15 without any signings

Winning free agency doesn’t always translate to winning games — but at some point the Raiders have to sign someone right?

Coming into free agency on Thursday, the Raiders were $43 million under the salary cap — the ninth-most room of any team in the league. As of Friday night, the Raiders remain one of only three teams in the league (Seahawks, Chiefs the others) without a free agent signing.

On its own, this news isn’t cause for panic.

In fact, you could even argue that the fact the Raiders have only 56 players under contract — tied for third-fewest in the league according to Spotrac — isn’t cause for panic.

But what about the fact that the Raiders had the 26th best defense in yards allowed and 20th best in points per game — before losing their leading tackler, their No. 3 (or 4) corner, their back-up safety, a rotational defensive lineman and their two best special teamers? Any cause for panic yet?

Sure there are plenty of good players still out there — many of whom would greatly improve the Raiders defense immediately — but there are less than there were 48 hours ago. And while the Raiders’ silence might be the product of keeping a lid on reports more than inactivity, at some point they need to do something (and I’m not talking about visiting with Cordarrelle Patterson, as nice as that signing might be).

Over the past few years, Reggie McKenzie has earned the right to be trusted — and this 48-hour stretch is no different. Confusing? Yes. The end of the world? No.

At least not yet.