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Report: Latavius Murray adds second free agent visit to itinerary, could end up his only visit

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Free agency is now in it’s third day. Still no sign the Raiders will be bringing Latavius Murray back and now he has two visits lined up. Initially reports had him visiting the Seahawks, but first he will make a trip to the other side of the country to meet with the Jaguars, according to a report by Adam Schefter.

There seems a fairly decent chance Murray may not get to the second leg of his plans.

He attended Central Florida for college, which is about an hour away from Jacksonville, so this would be a return to his old stomping grounds. It would also be reuniting with a teammate from his college days as Blake Bortles is the quarterback for the Jaguars.

Money also typically plays a part in free agent discussions. The Jaguars have spent a lot of money this offseason already as you might expect considering they had a lot to spend (again), had a lot of holes to fill, and had to pony up more money to attract free agents who might otherwise prefer to join a contender. Even with their haul so far, the Jaguars still have a considerable amount of money available -- around $70 million.