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Details emerge on Cordarrelle Patterson’s deal with Raiders

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It took a little while (in internet time) to uncover any details on the contract Cordarrelle Patterson signed with the Raiders last night. Usually that suggest the agent wasn’t too proud of the numbers, but based on what I see, there’s nothing to be ashamed about from his side of things.

Patterson gets $5 million guaranteed on a 2-year deal which can be voided after year one based on performance goals according to Tom Pelissero of USA Today.

The language is a little hazy as to whom would be voiding the contract; Patterson or the Raiders, but Pelissero clarified his statements, saying it is Patterson who would be able to void it, based on performance.

Those goals, according to Pro Football Talk, are reaching 65 catches or playing 65% of the snaps. Last season Patterson caught a career high 52 passes, so obviously he would have to take a step forward in Oakland’s offense.

Year one breaks down as a $2.5 million base salary, $2.5 million signing bonus and $250K workout bonus.

That’s not chump change. Patterson’s greatest asset is his return abilities, so that factors into the value of his contract as well.

He also has quite a few incentives built into year one which could bring his salary to a max $7 million if all of them are reached. PFT broke those down:

Patterson gets $350,000 for 55 percent playing time, another $350,000 for 70 percent playing time, $350,000 for 55 receptions, and another $350,000 for 70 total receptions.

There’s also a $350,000 incentive for making it to the Pro Bowl, which could happen easily as a kick returner.

Still no word on what the second year of the contract would entail should it not be voided, but you can bet it’s far more friendly and likely carries little or no dead money should the Raiders choose to move on.

Correction: Initially it was thought the void would come from the Raiders. It is Patterson who may void the deal with performance goals, not the team.