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Seth Roberts throws out first pitch at A’s spring training game in Arizona, gets warm Raider Nation welcome

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More than once have I attended a game in Arizona with the Raiders in town and there’s always a pretty good Raider Nation contingent there. It is the closest NFL team to California being some 5 hours drive from Los Angeles, so it makes sense Raider fans would show up to see it. But spring training baseball?

Tuesday Raiders wide receiver, Seth Roberts, a native of nowhere near Arizona, threw out the first pitch for the A’s spring training game against the Rockies.

Much to his surprise, Raider Nation was there to to greet him.

Usual Raiders beat writer Jimmy Durkin of the Bay Area News group was there covering A’s spring training baseball, and suddenly found himself covering something Raiders related.

I suppose with little free agent news happening with the Raiders, it’s as good a time as any to take in a baseball game.

As for Seth Roberts, he was retained as an Exclusive Rights Free Agent, and learned last night that he will have a new teammate in the receiving corps in the form of Cordarrelle Patterson who will be battling to take some snaps from him as the team’s third receiver.