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Raiders G Gabe Jackson receives NFL’s highest veteran performance-based pay bonus

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Thursday the NFL doled out their performance-based pay amounts for the 2016 season, which rewards players who they deem to have outperformed their contract numbers. These bonuses come from the league and do not count against the salary cap.

The biggest veteran bonus went to Raiders guard Gabe Jackson, who moved to right guard this season where he started the entire season and was named a Pro Bowl alternate.

His performance earned him the league’s highest veteran performance-based bonus of $91,475.21. In addition to that, he earned a regular performance based bonus of $273,174.55 for a combined performance-based bonus of $364,649.57.

That total amount is the 18th highest combined bonus in the league.

The former third round pick’s base salary last season was $615K which means this bonus is a big deal as it’s more than half what he makes. It brings his pay from last year to $979,649.57.

He earned it.