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Derek Carr helps stranded motorist who didn’t even recognize Raiders QB, “restored my faith in humanity”

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Every training camp practice, Derek Carr is the last one to leave the practice field. For the media, there is no question why that is. He’s making his way along the sideline, signing as many autographs has he can before trotting over to the podium to speak or into the locker room.

He sees taking time out of his schedule for the fans as part of his job. One he appears to enjoy a great deal. But what of a complete stranger? Someone with whom he doesn’t know from Adam and isn’t cheering him on as a player?

Ron Reeser is one such person. Yesterday, on his way home to Dublin, which is a short freeway trip Southeast from Oakland, he ran out of gas.

No sooner did he get out to get the gas can from his trunk, but an SUV pulls up behind him, with a man asking him if he would like some help. Reeser told the man he ran out of gas, and the man offered to give him a ride to a gas station to fill up his can.

“As soon as I step outta my car a black Denali drives up and the man asked me if everything was ok,” Reeser said in an email to Fox 2 News. “I said I ran outta gas. He said hop in I'll take you.”

On the way to get the gas, the two men begin talking, which usually features asking what each does for a living. Reeser said he was a DJ and so they talk music for a bit. Reeser then asked the man what he does for a living.

“I ask him what he does and he says I play football and is heavily into God and wants to become a pastor someday when he retires,” Reeser continued. “We pull up to the gas station I fill up the can, hop back in his truck and I ask him what position he plays. He says, 'I'm a quarterback.' 'What string' I ask. '1st string' he says. So I ask him what his favorite team is and he replies, 'Well I'm a little biased cause I play for the Raiders...'I pause for a second and say no sh*t, what's your name?' 'Derek Carr...'“

Reeser grew up a 49ers fan, which is probably why despite being a football fan in the Bay Area, he didn’t recognize Carr right off, but he said this experience may just have him switching allegiances.

“He couldn’t have been more down to earth,” Reeser said in an interview with All 22. “He was wearing a hat and basketball shorts. I had no idea. He was just driving by and helped. It really made me feel good that there are good people still out there doing nice things for people.”

The act of kindness was one thing. But what really struck Reeser was when the two were about to part ways and Carr asked “Is there anything you'd like to pray for before I go?”

Reeser gave Carr three things he would like him to pray for and the two men, sat on the side of the road and prayed together.

“It was such an empowering moment,” Reeser said. “It’s just not something I expected to happen after running out of gas. Some of the people I’ve told about it said maybe it was a sign to help me restore my faith in people doing the right thing.”

After the chance meeting, Reeser took to Twitter to thank Carr for his help.