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Zach Brown leaves Oakland without deal “looks like a no go” with Raiders

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After spending part of the day at the Raiders facility Thursday, Zach Brown has departed with no deal in hand. And he sounded pretty set that he was off to seek his fortunes elsewhere. Or as he put it via the iconic words of moneybagg yo:

His next tweet sounds like he’s hoping the market heats up so he can find find the best possible deal out there, which is to say he doesn’t think the one the Raiders matches how he or his agent’s valuation.

His tweet comes on the heels of a short Instagram video he posted from what appeared to be the airport, in which all you could make out was the word Oakland. Everything else was muffled, so it was hard to know what he was saying.

In addition to his tweet, Adam Caplan said sources told him a deal between Brown and the Raiders “looks like a no go”

Without knowing the numbers discussed there’s no way we can say whether the Raiders were hoping to get a bargain or if Brown is overvaluing himself after by far his best season as a pro in which he had 149 tackles in his only season in Buffalo.