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New Raiders TE Jared Cook wants the number 89 from Amari Cooper “Might have to bribe him”

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The newest offensive weapon for the Raiders is tight end Jared Cook. He will be suiting up in Silver & Black but exactly what number will be on that jersey remains to be seen.

You see, Cook has played for three teams in his 8 NFL seasons and at each stop, he has worn number 89. But there’s a pretty good receiver in Oakland who already wears that number by the name of Amari Cooper. That could make wearing that number a bit difficult.

I asked Cook just how attached he was to that number and if he’d be willing to switch in light of Cooper’s place on the team.

“I don’t know, me and him are gonna have to have a little conversation to see if I can get it off of him,” said Cook over conference call. “Might have to bribe him a little bit, throw him like five bucks or something (laughs). To see if I can get it off his back.”

From the sounds of it, Cook was not too serious about it. Perhaps because, even if he does want the number, the likelihood he’ll get it is slim to none.

Cook wore number 84 in college at South Carolina, which could be open, providing recently signed Cordarrelle Patterson didn’t already claim it. Patterson wore number 84 in his first four NFL seasons in Minnesota.