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Marshawn Lynch reportedly “definitely interested” in playing for Raiders and what a perfect marriage that would be

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It was this time last year when even the glimmer of a hope Oakland native Marshawn Lynch would come to the Raiders had the local sports community salivating. He shocked the sports world by announcing his retirement from football, which led to some thinking ‘maybe just maybe’ he would just rather play for the Raiders.

Lynch reps Oakland like few other pro athletes out there. He is Oakland thru and thru. He attend Oakland Tech High School, stayed close to home to play college ball at Cal, and his BeastMode clothing line is based in Oakland.

Early this morning, reports came out that the Raiders were making serious overtures to lure Lynch out of retirement to come play for them.

Those reports were followed up by great piece by Mercury News reporter Marcus Thompson — an Oakland native himself -- citing sources close to Lynch who say the 30-year-old back is “definitely interested in playing for the Raiders.”

Then there is this report that he has met with Seahawks brass and asked for his release.

The last part about sporting Raiders gear is not a big surprise, considering he’s been a Raiders fan since birth growing up in Oakland.

Lynch was still just 29 when he called it quits from the NFL. He struggled with injuries in 2015, but was just a season removed from running for 1306 yards and 13 touchdowns and on a 4-year Pro Bowl run, dating back to 2011 when he first joined the Seahawks.

I honestly can’t think of anything I’d rather see right now than Marshawn Lynch suiting up for the Raiders.

‘BeastMode’ is one of the most exciting running backs in the league. He earned that nickname. His style of play is exactly what the Raiders need.

The 5-11, 215 pounder has a gift for giving defenses fits trying to tackle him. He is exactly the power back the Raiders need to replace Latavius Murray and complement their two scat backs Jalen Richard and DeAndre Washington.

Up to this point, the best fit purely from an on-field perspective was Adrian Peterson. But Peterson is a year older, has a lot more wear and tear, and has had quite a few major injuries the past few years. Then there’s that whole child abuse thing which is the kind of PR the Raiders don’t really need.

Sitting out a year seems to have given Lynch a new outlook. Being healthy and still just 30 years old will do that. Though it has it’s drawbacks too. There’s a reason the term ‘football shape’ exists. There’s healthy, there’s in-shape, and then there’s football shape. Luckily for him and the Raiders, it’s still March, so there’s time.

For Lynch, no other team in the league right now has what Oakland has right now. First and foremost, you can bet Lynch coming out of retirement is directly tied to the possibility that his return would be with his hometown team. In addition to that, the Raiders have aruably the league’s best interior offensive line. Get him through that first line and BeastMode will tear up an opposing defense. I’m sure he sees that as well.

There is nothing about this marriage that doesn’t make perfect sense.