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Take two: Former Raiders WR Andre Holmes finally does sign 3-year deal with Bills

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No, really this time. After a report based on a mistaken filing by the NFLPA last week that said Andre Holmes had agreed to a 3-year deal with the Bills, he finally did agree to a deal as first reported by Ian Rapoport.

It wasn’t long after the initial report came out that Andre Holmes tweeted out that it was false; that he hadn’t signed with anyone. That was Wednesday.

Apparently what had happened was (George Lopez voice) the Bills filed their offer with the NFLPA as they were supposed to do, but someone at the NFLPA misfiled it as an accepted offer.

At that time Holmes hadn’t even visited Buffalo yet. The following day, he hopped on a plane to Buffalo. Now it’s Saturday, some three days later and NOW the deal is done.

The original deal, which one would assume is still true, was for 3 years, $4.5 million with $2.425 million guaranteed.

Update: New reports say the original deal has been upped to $6.5 million over three years.

Holmes becomes the 9th Raiders free agent to sign elsewhere. The most recent being Latavius Murray who signed with the Vikings on a 3-year deal. You can see the other 7 here.