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Controversial Oklahoma RB Joe Mixon has pre-draft visit with Raiders

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Monday the Raiders played host to former Oklahoma running back, Joe Mixon. A byproduct of the NFL excluding him from the NFL combine, which would have been the best chance NFL teams had to see him as a group.

A Bay Area native himself (Oakley), it was a local trip for Mixon. Even still, having their name in any way associated with Mixon is not something you would expect from the Raiders.

The reason for the controversy as well as his exclusion from the scouting combine is because of a video that surfaced showing him punching a woman in the face. This video was released last December. Warning, it’s quite shocking.

The initial charges had him suspended for the entire 2014 season. He was also suspended for one game last season for intimidating an officer.

From the Raiders’ standpoint, the increased controversy is due to their strong stance against domestic violence. The organization has ties with the Biletnikoff foundation. Named after Tracey Biletnikoff — the daughter of Raiders Hall of Fame wide receiver Fred Biletnikoff — who was murdered in a domestic violence incident, the foundation uses community and education programs to address problems of substance abuse and domestic violence.

From the looks of it, Mixon is making the rounds. Perhaps with each of the NFL’s 32 teams having him in for the workout they didn’t get due to his absence from the combine. In that regard, Mixon’s exclusion doesn’t really punish him, but rather the NFL teams who now must host him to get what they may have been able to get at the combine.