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Contract figures on EJ Manuel, Jelani Jenkins, Jon Condo are in with updated Raiders room under salary cap

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The latest free agents to sign with the Raiders are quarterback EJ Manuel and linebacker Jelani Jenkins along with the re-signing of long snapper Jon Condo. Their contract numbers are trickling out, giving us an updated salary cap figure.

First let’s look at the re-signing of Jon Condo. He returns on a one-year. $1.08 million deal with $300K guaranteed. That puts his cap figure at $695K according to numbers.

For those who may be wondering why Condo got just a one-year deal, well Sebastian Janikowski has just one year left on his contract. At which point Condo will be 37 and Janikowski will be 40.

Then there’s EJ Manuel, whose contract is a downright steal. Manuel is getting $800K on a one-year deal that includes no guaranteed money. None. Zip. Zilch.

He represents a $640K cap figure.

Finally Jelani Jenkins, who also receives a 1-year, $1 million deal worth a max $2 million after incentives. He gets just $100K guaranteed.

His exact cap figure has yet to be revealed. But if you figure it would be similar to that of Condo’s deal, minus the $540K contract that is bumped out of the top 51, and we’re talking negligible cap hit. Something like $150K-$400K difference.

As of right now, OTC has the Raiders at about $33.4 million in cap space. Shave a little off for the Jenkins deal and we’re looking at...

Raiders updated cap money: $33 million (6th in the league)