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Oakland Mayor has letter hand delivered to owners ahead of today’s relocation vote

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It’s past the 11th hour now. But Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf is still doing everything in her power to plant a doubting seed in the owners’ minds before they vote on whether to approve the Raiders for relocation to Las Vegas.

Last week she sent a letter to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell pleading Oakland’s case and even met with the Commissioner on Friday to discuss it. He shot down her claims in a response letter, but on Saturday she still stood at the podium at the Oakland coliseum with local business leaders and Oakland government officials to put forth the details she and others in Oakland believe should make them the preferred choice over Vegas.

She had a new letter written up and today, in advance of the expected owners vote, had it hand delivered to all 32 owners. Mick Akers of the Las Vegas Sun Time posted the letter. You can read the entire letter below.

In the letter Schaaf asks for three main things from the owners:

  1. That they compare the two proposals instead of simply looking at whether they thing Las Vegas is viable
  2. Think of how this looks from a league perspective and how it affects fan loyalty to have three teams relocate in a year’s time.
  3. Make the ballot confidential just as was done for the Los Angeles move

That third one is crucial to ensure an honest vote. Otherwise some owners will vote under pressure.

Here is that full letter: