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Breaking: Raiders Las Vegas relocation approved by owners

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It’s done. The owners have approved the Raiders bid to relocate to Las Vegas. The vote was quick. After about an hour in the room, the move was approved 31-1 with only Miami opposed — the Raiders will be leaving Oakland for Las Vegas.

This isn’t expected to be an instant move. The team is at this moment still expected to play in Oakland for the next couple seasons while the stadium is being constructed in Las Vegas. Though it’s possible that plan changes depending on fan reaction. Having a team that is officially leaving could make for an awkward situation in Oakland.

In the end, the public money Nevada put up which reaches nearly $1 billion before all is said and done was just too much to pass up for Roger Goodell and the NFL owners. Even if all everything was in order in Oakland as Mayor Libby Schaaf and others in Oakland claim it is, the deal the Raiders got from Vegas eclipsed it and indeed any previous public money offering in the history of the NFL.