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Las Vegas Raiders won’t need to create a domain name; Mark Davis registered it 20 years ago

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In what appears to be either quite a bit of foresight or a self fulfilling prophecy, Mark Davis purchased the domain name some two decades prior to today when the team was approved to relocate to Las Vegas.

It was uncovered by lawyer and self titled ‘Football Expert’ Michael Abromowitz who found it in public records that Mark Davis had purchased the domain name back in 1998... on Christmas Day.

Hard to say what the significance of this purchase being on Christmas Day. Maybe a gift from dad? Who knows.

To Abromowitz’s knowledge, that’s the only alternate city Raiders domain Davis had purchased. Athough someone purchased the domain to San Antonio Raiders back in 2014.

This purchase suggests the idea for moving the Raiders to Vegas didn’t come about over the past year since being denied Los Angeles. Or even in the past couple of years when the team first started actively making plans to relocate the team.

It suggests Davis and the Raiders were thinking about a potential move to Las Vegas just three years after the team returned to Oakland after 13 years in Los Angeles and just two years since the Coliseum renovations.

Al Davis was known for loving Las Vegas. He regularly held events with Raider legends there and Mark said Monday following the announcement of the relocation approval that he thought his father would be proud.