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New video, pics of Raiders Las Vegas stadium renderings

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Now that the Raiders relocation approval to Las Vegas is official, the renderings figure to soon be a reality. Today several new renderings were released, giving fans a glimpse at what they can expect the stadium to look like when constructed.

First up is an orbital view from of the exterior of the stadium, along with several shots of the outside from various angles courtesy of MANICA Architecture.

One of the more interesting details in these renderings is what appears to be a practice field on the stadium site. Though in all but one of the shots, that field is covered with tents of various kinds. This would suggest an area for multipurpose use.

One would assume the Raiders would do the bulk of their practices on a separate site just as they do now. And perhaps also enclosed, considering how hot it gets there during the day.

Then there’s the inside of the stadium. Starting with this drop-in 360 video.

Las Vegas Raiders stadium rendering

That last shot is a familiar one of the Al Davis torch with a view of the Vegas strip out the North opening.