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Raiders-themed brothel to open in Nevada

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Famed brother owner Dennis Hof has plans to make the "Sin City Raiders" a little more sinful.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Raiders are moving to Nevada, and with that move comes all the bread and circuses that Nevada is known for. According to a tweet from Nevada journalist Mick Akers, a well-known Las Vegas businessman is looking to capitalize on the presence of the Raiders in his fair city.

Hof and his world-famous Bunny Ranch were in the news in recent years for an incident involving NBA superstar Lamar Odom, who decided to go on a cocaine binge at the Bunny Ranch and ended up in a coma. How much of the blame lies with Hof is uncertain, because Lamar Odom was batshit insane to begin with and could have gone on a coke bender with or without the Bunny Ranch. The story was noteworthy, not because of Odom, but because of his wife Khloe Kardashian. The two have since divorced.

While prostitution is not legal in Clark County, where the stadium would be located, it is legal in several surrounding Nevada counties. There is little doubt that having not one, but two professional sports franchises in Nevada where there were formerly none will change the economic landscape of the state and particularly the Las Vegas area.

Hof's new venture is said to be catering to tight ends, while eschewing defensive backs.