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Watch: Derek Carr shows off his recovery “I could play right now”

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In a ‘Chalk Talk’ event in Modesto this past weekend with Derek Carr and his brother David, Derek was asked how his leg was doing. And Derek Carr got up and danced around a little bit, saying “I could could play right now.”

Derek Carr broke his fibula in the team’s week 16 game against the Colts, causing him to miss the team’s season finale in Denver and their wild card loss in Houston against the Texans.

At the time, it was expected Carr was to be ready for the team’s offseason program which begins in a couple weeks. Head coach Jack Del Rio reaffirmed that at the owners meetings earlier this week.

“I don’t think there’s any reason to take it easy; he’s fired up,” said Del Rio. “I got to peek out and see him working out with the trainers last week, before we came down. He’s moving around very well, I think he’s real excited about where he is, and how the rehab is going. We expect to have him for all of the OTAs [Organized Team Activities].”

A full offseason is a very good thing. We’ve seen the kind of progress Derek Carr can make when he has a full offseason of practices under his belt.