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Washington receiver John Ross runs official combine record 4.22 40-yard-dash, NFL world goes bananas

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The wide receivers are on the field today for the scouting combine and history was made. University of Washington wide receiver John Ross ran a 4.22 40-yard-dash, which, should it be official (it is) would be a combine record.

The run breaks the previous record of 4.24 set by running back Chris Johnson in 2008. That was supposed to win him an island courtesy of Adidas. But unfortunately for him, Ross was wearing Nikes, which apparently voids the deal.

Despite not getting an island, his choice of shoes did earn him an immediate contract with Nike, which means his short run may actually be more valuable in the long run.

Here is NFL Network’s coverage of the run, pitting it against Johnson, Dri Archer, who ran a 4.26, as well as a few other quick 40 times over the years.

Immediately after the run, analysts and players across the league went off including a few current and former Raiders players.

Ross pulled up at the end of the run with tightness and opted not to run again, so his official time would have to be made from his only run.

And finally, after an hour long wait, the results were in; the time is official. And it came with a congrats from the man himself, Chris Johnson, whose record was broken.