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NFL Scouting Combine 2017 results, top performers: Wide receiver Speedy Noil oddly has insane vertical

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Saturday it was the wide receiver's turn to take to the field for poking and prodding. No receiver helped his cause more than Washington's John Ross who set a new combine record in the 40-yard-dash, running a scorching 4.22. That mark beat out the previous record of 4.24 set by Chris Johnson in 2008.

Ross's calf tightened up so he ran just one time. He essentially dropped the mic, signed a deal with Nike and boned out, leaving others to try to stand out in the other events.

The standout among the other events was Speedy Noil's insane 43.5 vertical which is the second highest for a wide receiver since 2006 and the fifth highest at any position.

Here are the top performers in each event for the wide receivers:


Player School 40-yard-dash
Ross, John Washington 4.22
Samuel, Curtis Ohio St 4.31
Malone, Josh Tennessee 4.40
Cannon, K D Baylor 4.41
Adeboyejo, Quincy Mississippi 4.42
Godwin, Chris Penn St 4.42
McKenzie, Isaiah Georgia 4.42
Rector, Michael Stanford 4.42
Adams, Rodney South Florida 4.44
Davis, Robert Georgia St 4.44
Whitfield, Kermit Florida St 4.44


Player School Bench
Godwin, Chris Penn St 19
Davis, Robert Georgia St 19
Brown, Billy Shepherd 19
Samuel, Curtis Ohio St 18
Golladay, Kenny Northern Illinois 18
Noil, Speedy Texas A&M 18
Darboh, Amara Michigan 17
Seals-Jones, Ricky Texas A&M 17
Lane, Jerome Akron 16
Hatcher, Keon Arkansas 16

Vertical jump

Player School Vertical
Noil, Speedy Texas A&M 43.5
Davis, Robert Georgia St 41.0
Dupre, Malachi Louisiana St 39.5
Howard, Bug North Carolina 37.5
Samuel, Curtis Ohio St 37.0
Cannon, K D Baylor 37.0
Ross, John Washington 37.0
Reynolds, Josh Texas A&M 37.0
Jones, Zay East Carolina 36.5
Hogan, Krishawn Marian University 36.5
Rector, Michael Stanford 36.5

Broad jump

Player School Broad
Davis, Robert Georgia St 136
Dupre, Malachi Louisiana St 135
Ross, John Washington 133
Jones, Zay East Carolina 133
Noil, Speedy Texas A&M 133
Chesson, Jehu Michigan 132
Taylor, Taywan Western Kentucky 132
Henderson, Carlos Louisiana Tech 131
Staples, Jamari Louisville 130
Rector, Michael Stanford 129


Player School 3-cone
Taylor, Taywan Western Kentucky 6.57
Chesson, Jehu Michigan 6.70
Bourne, Kendrick Eastern Washington 6.73
Adeboyejo, Quincy Mississippi 6.73
Hogan, Krishawn Marian University 6.74
Hansen, Chad California 6.74
Taylor, Trent Louisiana Tech 6.74
Kupp, Cooper Eastern Washington 6.75
Rector, Michael Stanford 6.77
Robinette, Jalen Air Force 6.77
Switzer, Ryan North Carolina 6.77

Short Shuttle

Player School Short shuttle
Switzer, Ryan North Carolina 4.00
Godwin, Chris Penn St 4.00
Taylor, Trent Louisiana Tech 4.01
Jones, Zay East Carolina 4.01
Kupp, Cooper Eastern Washington 4.08
Chesson, Jehu Michigan 4.09
Morgan, Drew Arkansas 4.12
Lane, Jerome Akron 4.12
Hansen, Chad California 4.13
Reynolds, Josh Texas A&M 4.13

60-yard shuttle

Player School 60-yd shuttle
Gibson, Shelton West Virginia 10.71
Switzer, Ryan North Carolina 11.14
Taylor, Trent Louisiana Tech 11.14
Jones, Zay East Carolina 11.17
Morgan, Drew Arkansas 11.19
Godwin, Chris Penn St 11.21
Bolden, Victor Oregon St 11.21
Taylor, Taywan Western Kentucky 11.23
Rector, Michael Stanford 11.31
Reynolds, Josh Texas A&M 11.32