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NFL Scouting Combine 2017 results, top performers: Impressive tight end class

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Joe Robbins/Getty Images

One of the storylines form last year's combine was how slow the tight ends were overall. Not a single tight end in the class ran under 4.6 and just one tight end running under 4.7. That wasn't an issue this year, with five tight ends running their 40's under 4.6 and five others running sub-4.7s.

The group was led by Mississippi tight end Evan Engram. He is on the small side, which gives him an advantage in speed and agility, but means he will struggle to block bigger linebackers. Behind him is the concensus top tight end in the class, OJ Howard out of Alabama.

Howard was is an astounding athlete, who was at or near the top performer in nearly every drill. He cemented his status with his performance here.

40-yard dash

Player School 40-yd dash
Engram, Evan Mississippi 4.42
Howard, OJ Alabama 4.51
Kittle, George Iowa 4.52
Daniels, Darrell Washington 4.55
Hodges, Bucky Virginia Tech 4.57


Player School Bench
Shaheen, Adam Ashland 24
Brown, Pharaoh Oregon 24
Howard, OJ Alabama 22
Everett, Gerald South Alabama 22
Smith, Jonnu Florida Int 22
Saubert, Eric Drake 22
Njoku, David Miami (Florida) 21
Hikutini, Cole Louisville 20

Vertical jump

Player School Vertical
Hodges, Bucky Virginia Tech 39
Smith, Jonnu Florida Int 38
Everett, Gerald South Alabama 37.5
Njoku, David Miami (Florida) 37.5
Engram, Evan Mississippi 36
Kittle, George Iowa 35
Brown, Pharaoh Oregon 34

Broad jump

Player School Broad
Hodges, Bucky Virginia Tech 134
Njoku, David Miami (Florida) 133
Kittle, George Iowa 132
Smith, Jonnu Florida Int 127
Everett, Gerald South Alabama 126
Engram, Evan Mississippi 125
Saubert, Eric Drake 121
Shaheen, Adam Ashland 121
Howard, OJ Alabama 121

3-cone drill

Player School 3-cone
Howard, OJ Alabama 6.85
Engram, Evan Mississippi 6.92
Njoku, David Miami (Florida) 6.97
Everett, Gerald South Alabama 6.99
Roberts, Michael Toledo 7.05

Short shuttle

Player School Short Shuttle
Howard, OJ Alabama 4.16
Smith, Jonnu Florida Int 4.18
Engram, Evan Mississippi 4.23
Everett, Gerald South Alabama 4.33
Leggett, Jordan Clemson 4.33
Njoku, David Miami (Florida) 4.34
Shaheen, Adam Ashland 4.38

60-yard shuttle

Player School 60-yd shuttle
Howard, OJ Alabama 11.46
Smith, Jonnu Florida Int 11.57
Leggett, Jordan Clemson 12.06
Hodges, Bucky Virginia Tech 12.08