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NFL Scouting Combine 2017 results, top performers: linebacker Jabrill Peppers scorches 40, literally flips

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You can bet the Raiders are watching the linebackers intently. Not only to they have a major need at middle linebacker, but they are a staff full of former NFL linebackers including GM Reggie McKenzie, head coach Jack Del Rio, and defensive coordinator Ken Norton Jr.

They value all-around athletic abilities in their middle linebackers so they can keep them on the field for 3 downs without worries about having offenses key on their shortcomings.

The most athletic among the linebackers is one Jabrill Peppers out of Michigan. Enough so that the 5-11, 213-pounder will be working at safety as well. He ran an impressive 4.47 40-yard-dash. While it's not as impressive at late former Raiders linebacker, Thomas Howard's 4.42, it's still special. And it's more than a tenth of a second faster than any other linebacker at this combine.

After running his 40, Peppers showed off more of his athletic prowess, with a celebratory back flip.

40-yard dash

Player School 40-yd-dash
Peppers, Jabrill Michigan 4.47
Riley, Duke Louisiana St 4.58
McMillan, Raekwon Ohio St 4.61
Anzalone, Alex Florida 4.63
Bowser, Tyus Houston 4.65
Brown, Blair Ohio 4.65
Walker, Anthony Northwestern 4.65
Biegel, Vince Wisconsin 4.67
Cunningham, Zach Vanderbilt 4.67
Milano, Matt Boston College 4.67
Vallejo, Tanner Boise St 4.67

Bench press

Player School Bench
Gedeon, Ben Michigan 27
Lee, Marquel Wake Forest 25
Milano, Matt Boston College 24
Mathis, Jojo Washington 24
McMillan, Raekwon Ohio St 23
Walker, Anthony Northwestern 23
Kelsey, Keith Louisville 23
Bowser, Tyus Houston 21
Biegel, Vince Wisconsin 21
Watt, TJ Wisconsin 21

Vertical jump

Player School Vertical
Bowser, Tyus Houston 37.5
Watt, TJ Wisconsin 37.0
Brown, Blair Ohio 37.0
Peppers, Jabrill Michigan 35.5
Milano, Matt Boston College 35.0
Cunningham, Zach Vanderbilt 35.0
Gedeon, Ben Michigan 34.5
Riley, Duke Louisiana St 34.5
Fields, Devonte' Louisville 34.0
Biegel, Vince Wisconsin 33.5
Vallejo, Tanner Boise St 33.5

Broad jump

Player School Broad
Watt, TJ Wisconsin 128
Peppers, Jabrill Michigan 128
Bowser, Tyus Houston 127
Milano, Matt Boston College 126
Cunningham, Zach Vanderbilt 125
Brown, Blair Ohio 124
Fields, Devonte' Louisville 124
Riley, Duke Louisiana St 122
Vallejo, Tanner Boise St 121
McMillan, Raekwon Ohio St 121

3-cone drill

Player School 3-cone
Bowser, Tyus Houston 6.75
Watt, TJ Wisconsin 6.79
Ellis, Brooks Arkansas 6.80
Anzalone, Alex Florida 6.88
Riley, Duke Louisiana St 6.89
Brown, Blair Ohio 6.92
Biegel, Vince Wisconsin 6.92
Gedeon, Ben Michigan 6.98
Boulware, Ben Clemson 7.02
Cunningham, Zach Vanderbilt 7.03

Short shuttle

Player School Short shuttle
Watt, TJ Wisconsin 4.13
Gedeon, Ben Michigan 4.13
Brown, Blair Ohio 4.18
Riley, Duke Louisiana St 4.21
Ellis, Brooks Arkansas 4.25
Anzalone, Alex Florida 4.25
Cunningham, Zach Vanderbilt 4.29

60-yard shuttle

Player School 60-yd shuttle
Watt, TJ Wisconsin 11.20
Ellis, Brooks Arkansas 11.28
Gedeon, Ben Michigan 11.58
Anzalone, Alex Florida 11.71
Harris, Connor Lindenwood 11.84
McMillan, Raekwon Ohio St 11.84
Davis, Kevin Colorado St 11.91
Boulware, Ben Clemson 12.13