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NFL Scouting Combine 2017 defensive back results, top performers: The force is with Obi Melifonwu

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It's the final day of the 2017 Scouting Combine. Fittingly, as a football team's last line of defense, it was the DB's that took the field today for drills. None took the field more by storm than one Obi Melifonwu out of Connecticut.

This 6-4, 224 pounder sent a message to NFL scouts that those other guys are not the DB's you're looking for. Most specifically in his leaping ability where his 141-inch broad jump was the second longest at the combine since 2003. He also led all defensive backs in with a 44-inch vertical jump and was top five in the 40-yard-dash.

Not to be outdone was Minnesota's Jalen Myrick who ran an outstanding 4.28 40 which is the second fastest at any position at this combine behind only Washington wide receiver, John Ross who ran a combine record 4.22.

40-yard dash

Player School 40-yd-dash
Myrick, Jalen Minnesota 4.28
Moreau, Fabian UCLA 4.35
Lattimore, Marshon Ohio St 4.36
Griffin, Shaquill Central Florida 4.38
Melifonwu, Obi Connecticut 4.40
Tankersley, Cordrea Clemson 4.40
Humphrey, Marlon Alabama 4.41
Jones, Josh North Carolina St 4.41
Jackson, Adoree' USC 4.42
Nicholson, Montae Michigan St 4.42
Awuzie, Chidobe Colorado 4.43
King, Kevin Washington 4.43
Langley, Brendan Lamar 4.43
Conley, Gareon Ohio St 4.44
Baker, Budda Washington 4.45
Witherspoon, Ahkello Colorado 4.45

Bench press

Player School Bench
Langley, Brendan Lamar 22
Tocho, Jack North Carolina St 21
Jones, Josh North Carolina St 20
Ford, Rudy Auburn 20
Jenkins, Rayshawn Miami (Florida) 19
Lampkin, Ashton Oklahoma St 19
Woods, Xavier Louisiana Tech 19
Johnson, Jadar Clemson 19
Carter, Jamal Miami (Florida) 19
Adams, Jamal Louisiana St 18
Maulet, Art Memphis 18
Griffin, Shaquill Central Florida 17
Melifonwu, Obi Connecticut 17
Hill, Delano Michigan 17
Tyson, Mike Cincinnati 17
Gerry, Nathan Nebraska 17
Thompson, Tedric Colorado 17

Vertical jump

Player School Vertical
Melifonwu, Obi Connecticut 44.0
Williams, Marcus Utah 43.5
Witherspoon, Ahkello Colorado 40.5
King, Kevin Washington 39.5
Griffin, Shaquill Central Florida 38.5
Lattimore, Marshon Ohio St 38.5
Moreau, Fabian UCLA 38.0
Jones, Josh North Carolina St 37.5
Myrick, Jalen Minnesota 37.5
Conley, Gareon Ohio St 37.0
Jenkins, Rayshawn Miami (Florida) 37.0
Johnson, John Boston College 37.0
Jackson, Adoree' USC 36.0
White, Marquez Florida St 36.0
Hairston, Nate Temple 35.5
Langley, Brendan Lamar 35.5

Broad jump

Player School Broad
Melifonwu, Obi Connecticut 141
Moreau, Fabian UCLA 136
Griffin, Shaquill Central Florida 132
Lattimore, Marshon Ohio St 132
Jones, Josh North Carolina St 132
Awuzie, Chidobe Colorado 132
Robinson, Ezra Tennessee St 130
Williams, Marcus Utah 129
Conley, Gareon Ohio St 129
Jenkins, Rayshawn Miami (Florida) 128
Witherspoon, Ahkello Colorado 127
Nicholson, Montae Michigan St 125
Tocho, Jack North Carolina St 125
Humphrey, Marlon Alabama 125
Myrick, Jalen Minnesota 124
Kazee, Damontae San Diego St 124

3-cone drill

Player School 3-cone
King, Kevin Washington 6.56
Allen, Brian Utah 6.64
King, Desmond Iowa 6.67
Conley, Gareon Ohio St 6.68
Johnson, John Boston College 6.72
Humphrey, Marlon Alabama 6.75
Baker, Budda Washington 6.76
Awuzie, Chidobe Colorado 6.81
Sutton, Cam Tennessee 6.81
Clark, Chuck Virginia Tech 6.85
Griffin, Shaquill Central Florida 6.87
Luani, Shalom Washington St 6.87

Short shuttle

Player School Short shuttle
Robinson, Ezra Tennessee St 3.89
Clark, Chuck Virginia Tech 4.07
Baker, Budda Washington 4.08
Adams, Jamal Louisiana St 4.13
Awuzie, Chidobe Colorado 4.14
King, Desmond Iowa 4.18
Conley, Gareon Ohio St 4.18

60-yard shuttle

Player School 60-yd shuttle
King, Kevin Washington 11.14
Langley, Brendan Lamar 11.19
Tocho, Jack North Carolina St 11.19
Luani, Shalom Washington St 11.22
Williams, Marcus Utah 11.26
Moreau, Fabian UCLA 11.45
Wilson, Quincy Florida 11.45