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Oakland Raiders free agency rumor tracker

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The free agency negotiating period aka ‘legal tampering’ period is set to begin at 9am Pacific time. Once it does, the rumors and reports will fly. We will attempt to catch them all and corral them here to keep you informed on the latest which either directly involve the Raiders and/or their players or those which could affect the Raiders’ free agency plans.

You can brush up on the Raiders plans with our Free Agency primer, which has all the Raiders position needs, team free agents, and wish list round-up.


  • Just ahead of the negotiating period, division rival Chargers cleaning house with the releases of wide receiver Stevie Johnson, guard DJ Fluker, and cornerback Brandon Flowers.
  • Across the bay, the 49ers made the release of Torrey Smith official. The 28-year-old receiver spent the past two seasons in San Francisco.
  • Adrian Peterson reportedly wants to join either the Raiders or the Seahawks.