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Raiders Las Vegas relocation bid to receive NFL joint committee recommendation, March vote on schedule

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We begrudgingly interrupt the opening of the free agent tampering period with an update on the Raiders attempts to take all their toys and skip town. What has been discussed as a potential delay in the owners vote this month is now widely being reported will happen on March 26th as originally scheduled.

The thinking with regard to a delay was to allow the Raiders time to get their funding in order. Sheldon Adelson backed out of his initial $650 million commitment (or was forced out due to league pressure), and Goldman Sachs followed him out the door.

It took about a month for the Raiders to secure another financier, but they have one in Band of America, which NFL VP Eric Grubman says pass muster.

An NFL subcommittee convened in Florida today to gauge the readiness for a vote this month. All signs are a go for an on-schedule vote.

The result of the meeting is the joint committee is expected to result in a recommendation for relocation. Though, it seems Ian Rapoport thinks it’s the city of Oakland itself that will be relocating, not the Raiders franchise.

We will just have to assume he’s talking about he Raiders and doesn’t think the city with uproot itself or secede from the union.

Keep in mind, a committee recommendation doesn’t make this a sure thing by any stretch. You may recall, the LA relocation committee last year recommended the Raiders/Chargers joint stadium proposal in Carson. Then the rest of the owners disregarded that recommendation in favor of the new third option of a shared Rams/Chargers stadium in Inglewood.