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Soon-to-be former Raiders LB Malcolm Smith getting big time payday from 49ers

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For a guy the Raiders seemed to have little to no interest in retaining, Malcolm Smith is getting shown some pretty serious money by the 49ers, according to numbers released by NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo.

Smith is coming off a 2-year deal with the Raiders worth $7 million. His performance over that time has apparently earned him a 5-year deal with the 49ers, paying him over $5 million per season with $13 million in guaranteed money.

Then again, it’s clear the 49ers are willing to overpay for players this offseason. They have already given huge contracts to fullback Kyle Juszczyk (over $5 million per year) and wide receiver Pierre Garcon (3-year deal with $12 million guaranteed, with $23 million over first two seasons).

They have around $98 million to spend under the cap, and with a lot of holes to fill, and a team not many players will join enthusiastically, they are willing to pay well to lure them in.