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Raiders Aldon Smith detained by SFPD as passenger in car that hit police cruiser

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If Aldon Smith himself is staying out of trouble, he sure has trouble that follows him around. Less than a month ago he was being investigated with regard to a domestic incident. Now reports out of San Francisco have him detained by SFPD after a car in which he was a passenger, struck a police cruiser and sent two officers to the hospital.

According to the report from the local Fox affiliate, no charges were filed against Smith, and the officers’ injuries were said to be non-life threatening.

Smith was detained for public intoxication, but no charges were filed. Another passenger in the car was arrested for public intoxication.

While Smith may not have done anything wrong from a disciplinary standpoint, even being in that car was incredibly ill advised. And being intoxicated could be a major issue for a guy whose suspension was based upon violating the league’s rules on substance abuse.

Smith has been banned by the NFL for over a year now. The one-year minimum passed last November and his reinstatement was to happen this month, perhaps with the beginning of the league year, which will happen in about a half hour.

His reinstatement is contingent upon him staying out of trouble. Perhaps Aldon should consider changing it to staying AWAY from trouble. He doesn’t need to give Roger Goodell one more thing to question with regard to whether he should let him back in the league.