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Report: Marshawn Lynch interested in Patriots if Raiders talks break down

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All indications are that Marshawn Lynch will be coming out of retirement and that the Seahawks would in turn release him. It is well known, his return is to play for the Raiders. But lest the Raiders think they can have him at a bargain basement discount, Beast Mode is said to be keeping his options open.

He is said to be interested in joining the Patriots should the talks with the Raiders break down according to Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald.

How real this is from Lynch’s camp remains to be seen. But up to this point the Raiders haven’t had any competition in this, which, as you might expect, could be cause for some lowballing in contract talks. Lynch no doubt wants to make sure that if/when he officially unretires and the Seahawks release him that this isn’t just a passion project for him. This is still a business and MoneyLynch is a business man.