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Raiders 2017 preseason schedule: All dates, times now nailed down

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The Raiders preseason schedule figured to be interesting. Well, there is one interesting part, but it isn’t quite what many had hoped. They open the preseason in Arizona, which should be good for the strong Raiders fan presence there who are now looking forward to 2020 when the team moves much closer to them in Las Vegas.

Here is the schedule (all times are Pacific)

Week 1, Aug 12, 7:00pm: at Arizona Cardinals

Week 2, Aug 19, 7:00pm: vs LA RAMS

Week 3, Aug 26, 5:00pm: at Dallas Cowboys

Week 4, Aug 31, 7:00pm: vs SEATTLE SEAHAWKS

The hope was perhaps the Raiders would head to Los Angeles to face the Rams, but instead they will HOST the Rams in week two.

There will also be no return of the Battle of the Bay vs the 49ers. The last time they faced each other in the preseason was 2011.

The all-important third preseason game, in which the starters play the longest amount of time, will be played in Dallas. Then the preseason will round out with the Seahawks coming to town.