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Marquette King has advice for aspiring football player: ‘Stay away from arm wrestling competitions’

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The Raiders’ punter is a character. The former receiver who went undrafted out of Fort Valley State is loving life these days as a Pro Bowl caliber NFL punter. And the only black one at that. He does celebratory dances after punts on the field and dons super hero costumes off of it.

He is soaking up all the attention that comes with being a gifted punter and an infectious personality. Usually his flamboyant style is harmless and celebrated by the NFL. But let’s not forget, it’s called the ‘No Fun League’ for a reason. As if the league could let King or anyone else forget.

King was part of a made-for-TV arm wrestling event in Las Vegas along with 37 other NFL players including fellow Raiders Mario Edwards Jr and Jalen Richard.

The show is set to air in May or June with 50% of the winnings going to a charity of that player’s choice in their name.

The event occurred at the MGM Grand casino in Las Vegas which breaks NFL rules. Despite the company claiming to have followed NFL guidelines about casino branding, they all will apparently be fined.

Marshawn Lynch was a coach on one of the teams, but one would hope he would escape a fine due to the ‘current player’ part of that statement. Lynch is still technically retired, though he is said to be planning to un-retire with the hopes of playing for the Raiders.

The news of the NFL’s displeasure came too late for any of the players to back out of their part in the competition. No word yet on the specific amount of the fine.

Marquette responded as only Marquette can to a fan on twitter who asked him for advice on his son becoming a punter. King’s advice? “Stay away from arm wrestling competitions!”

That’s seems like pretty good advice. Though, if we’re being technical, it would be ‘Stay away from casinos.’ How on earth King and his Raiders teammates are going to manage to do that when the team moves to Las Vegas is beyond me.