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While we wait for word on Marshawn Lynch, enjoy this video: Beast Mode Rises

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Reports are swirling about Marshawn Lynch agreeing to terms with the Raiders. First he had agreed to terms and then he hadn’t, then reports said the two sides were not close, then Lynch himself chimed in essentially telling everyone to pump the brakes. More specifically he said “When shit get REAL I’ll let you kno!

Through it all, a deal is still expected to be reached. The talk sounds like it’s more a questions of when. But with the week about to turn into the weekend, it’s possible we may not see anything official until Monday.

With that in mind, and as we head into Easter weekend, our own Goro Burroughs has hatched a new compilation. And fitting for the celebration of Jesus rising from the dead, this compilation is set to the theme of Dark Knight Rises.

Enjoy Beast Mode Rises.

May you find all the colored eggs, and eat all the chocolate bunnies you can handle.