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Raiders hoping to get Marshawn Lynch signed before the draft

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There have been a lot of stops and starts and conflicting reports when it comes to Marshawn Lynch. The rumors started exactly a month ago with reports came out that the Raiders were looking into him potentially coming out of retirement to play for them, which eventually led to Lynch visiting Raiders headquarters last week and reports he had agreed to terms with the team.

Those reports were quickly shot down, including by Lynch himself who tweeted out that when it was real, he would let everyone know.

Since that time we’ve heard nothing.

The clock is ticking a little bit right now, because the draft is coming and the Raiders would like to know one way or the other whether they will have Lynch this season, so they know how to proceed in the draft. A timeline NFL media’s Ian Rapoport today agreed was crucial.

"Right now, there's no agreement between Marshawn Lynch and the Oakland Raiders, and the real deadline here -- they hoped to have it done by yesterday when offseason conditioning started, didn't happen -- the real deadline here is the draft," Rapoport said. "Because it is possible that the Raiders get on the clock Thursday night or Friday, and say 'Alright, we're going to take this running back. He has a value here for us. We're just going to take the leap.' And once they take a running back, it probably will close the door on Marshawn Lynch."

Adding Lynch to the fold would make a few current Raiders very happy.

Derek Carr, while he said he is focusing on the players on the team currently, would love to have Lynch to hand the ball to this season

“He’s one heck of a football player and I hope to play with him,” said Carr. “...anyone would want Marshawn Lynch, any quarterback in the NFL.”

Khalil Mack remembers during his rookie season facing Lynch, who he calls “the most physical guy I’ve played against” and whom he would love to have on his side this time

“Marshawn is one of the best running backs I’ve ever played against in my short career so far,” said Mack. “You talk about a player, a hell of a player, it would be a great, great, great treat to have him on this side, on the dark side.”

This could be the run that was so unforgettable for Mack, who you see dives at Lynch too late to get a hand on him, then Lynch stands up Sio Moore, keeps his legs churning and eventually hits paydirt.

This run was also featured in Goro Burrough’s Lynch compilation video ‘Beast Mode Rises’

A season with a 31-year-old back fresh off a year break and excited to play in front of his home fans in Oakland would be a great option for the Raiders. Even with a deep running back class.