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NFL 2017 Schedule release time official: Date set for Raiders vs Patriots in Mexico City

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Ahead of the release of the NFL schedule, which will happen Thursday, we now know the date for probably the most notable game of the 2017 season. The Raiders will face the New England Patriots on November 19 in Mexico City as this tweet from Roberto Abramowitz shows.

Last season the Raiders faced the Houston Texans in Mexico City November 21st on Monday Night Football. This game is on a Sunday, but it figures to be Sunday Night Football.

Update: The game will not be a prime time match-up. Game time will be 1:25 pm Pacific (4:25 ET).

Also like last season, this will be considered a ‘home’ game for the Raiders. This means they have one less game in Oakland and face a prime AFC contender on a neutral field. Though as we know, Mexico City will have a very Raider-centric crowd just as it did last year.

As for the NFL schedule release, the NFL has announced it will happen at 5:00 pm Pacific time (8pm ET) on Thursday in a two-hour NFL Network special.