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Raiders do the thinkable: Pick up Khalil Mack’s 5th year option

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In the most expected news of the offseason, the Raiders have picked up the 5th year option on Khalil Mack. The actual news of it being done comes from Fox Sports’ Peter Schrager, but it was never a matter of if this would happen, but just when.

Mack is the reigning Defensive Player of the Year and is heading into his fourth season. Picking up his 5th year option buys the Raider another year of cushion to give him a long term extension which allows them to focus on extending Derek Carr and Gabe Jackson who were selected in the 2nd and 3rd round of the same draft respectively and therefore don’t have a 5th year option in their rookie deals.

“That stuff will take care of itself,” Mack said recently of his contract situation. “You have agents and those types of people to worry about for you. . . You’ve got to let the big man upstairs do his job, you’ve got to let your agents do their jobs, and everything will fall in place.”