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Raiders 2017 schedule leak: Christmas in Philly on Monday Night Football

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More leaks are emerging for the Raiders schedule which comes out tonight at 5 pm Pacific. This one has the Raiders spending Christmas in the place notorious for throwing snowballs at Santa Claus. That’s right, they’ll be playing in Philadelphia against the Eagles on Christmas Day according to Eagles blog, Crossing Broad.

I should specify, that’s Christmas Night as that’s Monday Night Football. Not sure how much sense it makes to put two non-conference teams against each other on Monday Night Football, but ok. It seems more logical that the Raiders would play a Monday Night game against the Chiefs or something.

The other game date we know so far is what figures to be a Sunday Night Football match-up in Mexico City between the Raiders and Patriots. If that holds true, along the every team playing on Thursday Night Football, that’s at least three Prime Time games for the Raiders this season.