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Raiders 2017 schedule leak: Season opener in Tennessee

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The leaks are flying now. The latest has the Raiders opening the season in Nashville against the Titans according to ESPN’s Adam Caplan.

This is the second season in a row and 4th of the past five years the Raiders have opened the season on the road. That comes with a team that always starts the season playing on dirt from the baseball season still ongoing.

This is also the third straight season the Raiders will play the Titans in Nashville.

In Tennessee, Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota will face off. The two have the shared experience of both being lost for the final game of last season with a broken leg.

“My prayers are out for Mariota,” Derek Carr said this week. “I don’t know his time table and those things, but I know that not being able to walk, not being able to do the things you want to do right away, oh I can make that cut, or I can make that throw. It just didn’t happen at first, and those are frustrating things. If anyone knows him, let him know that it’ll get better and those throws will get back to how they’re supposed to be.”

Carr’s injury didn’t include any ligament damage and he was able to return fully to participate in Raiders offseason program this week. Mariota’s status is less certain at the moment, but he is expected to be back full at some point this offseason.

Other leaks thus far have the Raiders playing the Eagles on Monday Night Football Christmas Day, and the Patriots in Mexico City on November 19.