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Raiders 2017 schedule leak: New Years Eve Raiders make first trip back to LA in 23 years

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I don’t know if it says anything about anything, but on the final day of 2017 the Raiders will play their first game in Los Angeles in 23 years. That’s when they head to play the new Los Angeles Chargers at Stubhub Center according to Michael Gehlken of the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Gehlken knows the Chargers well as he was their beat reporter for the San Diego Union Tribune up until this offseason when the team left for Los Angeles and the paper no longer retained a Chargers beat reporter.

San Diego always had a strong Raiders fan presence, many of whom came down from LA. The Chargers are hoping they can fill their little 30K seat venue will Chargers fans without being overrun by Raiders fans as they typically are. They even threatened to pull fans’ season tickets should they try and sell them.

This should be interesting.

Other schedule leaks so far include opening the season in Tennessee, playing the Eagles on Monday Night Football Christmas Day, and the Patriots in Mexico City on November 19.