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Raiders 2017 schedule leak: Prime time game in Oakland vs Cowboys

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As leaks came out, some began to wonder if there would be a prime time game in Oakland this year. Bruce Irvin at one point thought there wouldn’t be one and had even tweeted out his disappointment.

Shortly after tweeting that out, he was apparently set straight, most likely by someone within the organization, that the Raiders did indeed have a prime time game scheduled in Oakland.

It was only a few minutes before we learned just which game that would be. As it turns out that prime time game will be Sunday Night Football December 17 against the Cowboys according to NBC Bay Area.

Here are the dates and games we have so far according to leaks:

Season opener in Tennessee

Mexico City on November 19 against the Patriots

December 17 home vs Cowboys on Sunday Night Football

Monday Night Football Christmas Day in Philadelphia

New Years Eve at Los Angeles Chargers