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Raiders schedule 2017: Dates, opponents, game times, tickets and more

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Here it is. Finally. In all it’s glory; the Raiders 2017 schedule. It features a Christmas Night game in frigid Philadelphia on Monday Night Football. Oh, joy, to the world.

But there’s a lot of games to be had before late December. Here they all are (all times are Pacific):

Wk 1: Sept 10. 10am at Tennessee Titans (CBS)

Wk 2: Sept 17, 1:05pm vs NY JETS (CBS)

Wk 3: Sept 24, 5:30pm (SNF) at Washington (NBC)

Wk 4: Oct 1, 1:25pm at Denver Broncos (CBS)

Wk 5: Oct 8, 1:05pm vs BALTIMORE RAVENS (CBS)

Wk 6: Oct 15, 1:25pm vs LOS ANGELES CHARGERS (CBS)

Wk 7: Oct 19, 5:25pm (TNF) vs KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (CBS, NFL Network, Amazon)

Wk 8: Oct 29, 10am at Buffalo Bills (CBS)

Wk 9: Nov 5, 5:30pm (SNF) at Miami Dolphins (NBC)

Wk 10: Bye week

Wk 11: Nov 19, 1:25pm (Mexico City) vs NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS (CBS)

Wk 12: Nov 26, 1:25pm vs DENVER BRONCOS (CBS)

Wk 13: Dec 3, 1:25pm vs NEW YORK GIANTS (FOX)

Wk 14: Dec 10, 10am at Kansas City Chiefs (CBS)

Wk 15: Dec 17, 5:30pm (SNF) vs DALLAS COWBOYS (NBC)

Wk 16: Dec 25, 5:25pm (MNF) at Philadelphia Eagles (ESPN)

Wk 17: Dec 31, 1:25pm at Los Angeles Chargers (CBS)

Raiders 2017 preseason schedule

Week 1: at Arizona Cardinals (Aug. 12, 7:00pm)

Week 2: vs LA RAMS (Aug. 17, 7:00pm)

Week 3: at Dallas Cowboys (Aug. 26, 5:00pm)

Week 4: vs SEATTLE SEAHAWKS (Aug 31, 7:00pm)

Raiders strength of schedule is .564 which is the 4th toughest in the league behind their division rivals Broncos (.578), Chiefs (.576), and Chargers (.568). However, the Raiders face the leagues largest point differential (478). See all the SOS details here.

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