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Raiders open as underdogs to Titans in season opener

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Here we go again. Most Raiders fans will say they like being the underdog. The Raiders won quite a few games last season in which they were the underdog. Technically, they simply won a lot of games, regardless of whether they were favored.

Their 12-4 record last season may have been 13-3 and a division crown had Derek Carr not been injured for the season finale. But that wasn’t enough to make them favorites to win their 2017 season opener in Tennessee.

Early lines have the Titans as 1-point favorites to win. One point seems to be the line for the home team when other factors seem equal.

I like this Titans team, don’t get me wrong, but how they can be seen as favorites over the Raiders is a bit strange. They finished 9-7 in the worst division in football and failed to make the playoffs. The Raiders finished 12-4 in arguably the toughest division in football and made the playoffs.

The Raiders also beat the Titans 17-10 in Tennessee in week three last season. Both teams were 1-1 heading into that game. A game in which the Titans were...wait for it...1-point favorites over the Raiders.

Now it’s like the clock is reset and none of what happened week three and beyond actually happened and the Raiders must prove themselves all over again. So be it.