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Marshawn Lynch said to be “excited to play for Oakland Raiders”, but clock is ticking to get it done before the draft

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Each day that passes, we get closer to the 2017 draft. By this time next week, we will be entering the second day of the draft where the Raiders must decide whether one of the backs in the draft would be right for them. That decision will be heavily based on the next move of Marshawn Lynch.

A week ago, Lynch was at the Raiders’ facility to discuss his potential return to football. What was initially reported as the two sides agreeing to terms was quickly walked back to there being optimism a deal would get done. Thus far nothing has come to pass.

“Every indication I got was he was excited to play for the Oakland Raiders,” Jack Del Rio said of Lynch’s meeting with the team.

“I’ve been familiar with Marshawn in the past, but just part of the process and doing our due diligence, seeing where he is and talking about expectations here and how they match up and things like that.”

That process has been slow moving. The first news of interest between the two sides came way back on March 17. Now, things may have to pickup with the draft fast approaching.

“Yeah, at some point you’d like to know. Prior to the draft is that point,” Reggie McKenzie said of Lynch potentially signing. “You’d like to know that. But our door is open. We’re not shutting the door until [the draft] pretty much. But who knows after that. Not gonna ever say never. But the door is still open.”

McKenzie went on to further soften his deadline, saying “I would like to have an answer, but it’s not going to be the end-all.”

Obviously McKenzie is walking the line of saying anything definitive about anything heading into the draft. But you’d have to think if Lynch isn’t signed, they will be looking at getting a bell cow type back in this draft, possible on the first two days. And if they were able to get a back they like, it could make Lynch more of an afterthought.

“We’re trying to get some impact players,” McKenzie added. “If it’s Marshawn or whoever, we’re gonna do it.”

One positive way to look at it is Lynch is a pretty good option to have in their back pocket.