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NFL draft 2017: Dates, schedule, times, TV, online, draft order, and more

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The schedule for the upcoming draft along with draft order, time between picks, TV and where the Raiders select in each round.

Are you ready for the draft? You should be. From the moment the season ended, it's been the most talked about and anticipated event in the offseason.

They call it the offseason Super Bowl for good reason. Though in some ways it's even bigger because unlike the Super Bowl, this event every team participates and everyone comes out feeling like they set themselves up to make a run at the actual Super Bowl.

The Raiders currently have eight picks in this draft. They have one in each round and an additional pick at the tail end of the 7th round for a trade they made the the Seattle Seahawks last year that sent Dewey McDonald on over.

On a side note, many are hoping that pick gets sent back to Seattle in a trade for Marshawn Lynch.

Both ESPN and NFL Network will be covering the event live, so you get to choose which crew you like best or which you can stand for the considerable hours it takes for the draft to take place.

This year the draft takes place in Philadelphia PA.

Complete NFL draft schedule

All times Pacific

Thursday, April 27 — Round 1

Time: 5 p.m. (8pm ET)

Time between picks: 10 minutes

Raiders pick: 24 overall

TV: ESPN, NFL Network

Friday, April 28 -- Rounds 2-3

Time: 4 p.m. (7pm ET)

Time between picks: Round 2 is 7 minutes for round 2, Round 3 is 5 minutes, Comp picks 4 minutes

Raiders pick:

Round 2, pick 56

Round 3, pick 88

TV: NFL Network, ESPN (4-5pm), ESPN2 (5-8:30pm)

Saturday, April 29 — Rounds 4-7

Time: 9 a.m. (Noon ET)

Time between picks: Rounds 4-6 are 5 minutes, Round 7 is 4 minutes, all comp picks are 4 minutes.

Raiders picks:

Round 4, pick 129

Round 5, pick 168

Round 6, pick 208

Round 7, pick 242

Round 7, pick 244*

*Acquired in trade with Seattle for safety Dewey McDonald

TV: NFL Network, ESPN

Online: WatchESPN

Full 2017 NFL draft order here.