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Marshawn Lynch confirms deal with Raiders: "It's time... sh*t just got REAL" with Oakland

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Well, he told us he would let us know when it was real. And he has. Shortly after word came out that Lynch and the Raiders had agreed to terms on a deal and the Seahawks on a trade, Lynch tweeted that it's REAL.

Lynch returned from Haiti today and is at the Raiders’ facility. He took his physical which is what puts his deal with the Raiders, un-retirement, and trade from Seahawks to the Raiders in motion. This tweet suggests that physical went well.

Update: Marshawn Lynch has indeed passed his physical, according to NFL media’s Andrew Siciliano.

The deal for Lynch in Oakland is a reported 2-years and a max $8.5 million with a $3 million base in 2017 and another $2 million available should he reach 1000 yards in 2017.

The trade deal with Seattle has the two teams swapping late picks in the 2018 draft. The Seahawks would get the Raiders’ 5th round pick and the Raiders would get Seattle’s 6th round pick.

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