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Watch: Moment Marshawn Lynch joins Raiders he looks like kid living a dream

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He’s really happy.

Marshawn Lynch has a lot of fun. It's probably the key to his playing style and his lifestyle. Today he joined the Raiders and in this video the team put out, you can see the moment the childhood Raiders fan in him comes out as if to say "I can't believe it's finally happening."

There’s been a lot of lead up to this, but all along both sides wanted to get something done. The Raiders captured Lynch literally running into the complex to get the deal done.

Afterward, Lynch shook hands with Reggie McKenzie and Jack Del Rio. He then went into the equipment room to get fitted for a helmet. That’s when you can really see it hit him that he’s going to be a Raider.

He liked wearing the helmet so much he kept it on as he exited the facility. Much like a kid who likes his costume so much he never wants to take it off.

It’s a glorious thing seeing this kind of pure joy in a sport that becomes increasingly about business.