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Marshawn Lynch to wear Raiders legendary number 24

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The number 24 is a legendary one for the Raiders. It was available for Marshawn Lynch and he takes it.

One of the questions with Marshawn Lynch joining the Raiders was what number he would be wearing. Today he was signed with the team where he immediately chose the number 24.

Shortly after signing with the team, he was fitted for a helmet, which he liked so much, he wore it out the facility. That helmet had the number 24 on the back of it.

All along 24 was the most likely number for him considering that’s what he wore in Seattle and the number has been available since Charles Woodson retired following the 2015 season.

It wasn’t a given though.

There were a few numbers in play here. He wore number 22 at Oakland Tech High School. He wore number 24 and number 10 at Cal. He wore number 23 for the Bills his first few years in the league. But in the end, 24 was the number.

Woodson was the most recent legendary number 24. He donned the number over two stints with the team. That number was also worn by Hall of Famer Willie Brown who has also been longtime defensive assistant with the Raiders. Other notable Raiders to wear 24 were defensive back Fred Williamson and safety Michael Huff.

Raiders fans can now get used to this image.