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Report has Marshawn Lynch contract figures with Raiders much bigger than originally reported

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Latest report has Marshawn Lynch with some obscene contract numbers.

Agents like to tout the max numbers in their clients’ contracts. Many of those incentives are not intended to be reached, but make for pretty window dressing. That being said, even the base numbers for Marshawn Lynch’s contract with the Raiders in the report put out by Ian Rapoport are bigger than originally thought.

The initial reports have Lynch signing a deal that pays him a base of $3 million for 2017 with a $2 million bonus should he reach 1000 yards. And the max over two seasons was expected to be $8.5 million which is less than the base Rapoport is reporting.

For both the initial report of his earning in 2017 and Rapoport’s report to be accurate, that would mean Lynch would receive twice his 2017 base salary in 2018 should the team pick up his option — that’s $3 million in 2017 and $6 million in 2018.

That would make picking up that option look highly unlikely. Teams don’t go around doubling the salaries of running backs on the wrong side of 30.

The max money of $16.5 million is just absurd and I would bet outside of the $2 million 1K rushing bonus, the remaining incentives are not to be reached.